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The View From Drew

Throwing Popcorn from the Balcony - Version 3.0

5 January 1968
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Educator, writer, bartender, hostage negotiator and maker of some of the finest chicken and pasta dishes East of the Mississippi. To learn more than you'd care to about me, check out my webpage: Drewshi.com.

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John S. Drew, or Drewshi to his friends, is a writer of things he hopes someone will enjoy. When he's not writing, he's either working on his house or teaching the youth of America how to spell knife with an "n".
Strengths: Very easy going. Likes to be scratched behind the ear.
Weaknesses: A good scotch and barring that a cold Guiness.
Special Skills: Able to recite the words to most of the Schoolhouse Rock videos. Able to identify an episode title of most sci-fi series, just by watching the opening moments of the episode.
Weapons: A killer smile and a sharp wit. Gives as good as he gets.
Motto: What's the point of being an adult if you can't act childish once in awhile?

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